Welcome to the range of Northbond Fencing

When it comes to selecting a fence, it’s not just about how good your fence is going to look. There are many other things to consider, such as how well it will do its job, how much maintenance is involved and, most importantly, what is the cost factor?

Cost Friendly Alternative

NORTHBOND Fencing is the best value in town when it comes to COLORBOND® Steel‎ fencing solutions. Made from BHP Bluescope Steel, NORTHBOND fencing comes in one distinctive panel profile, Sawtooth / Zigzag. The profile is a mirror image on either side making it a perfect choice for any residential or other style of fencing application. NORTHBOND Fencing panels come in only one height - 1800mm @ $85.00 each including GST – making them great value for sleek, modern contemporary fencing solutions.

Range of Colours

Offered in a range of colours, NORTHBOND Fencing can be easily coordinated to match any home style or colour combination. Streamlined and sleek in appearance, NORTHBOND Fencing comes with a 10 year product warranty.

Low Maintenance

Termite and rust resistant, our NORTHBOND Fencing is made from BHP Bluescope Steel, similar in strength and durability to COLORBOND® Steel‎ at a fraction of the cost.

NORTHBOND fencing is exclusively designed and manufactured by Northside Fencing.