Colorbond fencing by Northside Fencing is trending

Northern Suburbs ColorBond Steel Fences
February 15, 2017

Colourbond® fencing is trending

You can’t beat Colorbond® fences. That’s the verdict from all over the northern suburbs of Brisbane. Sales of Colorbond® steel fencing by Northside Fencing are topping all records, with the trend set to continue into summer.

Colorbond® fences are ubiquitous to the backyards and front yards of the Brisbane suburbs. It’s not hard to understand why, when the features and advantages of Colorbond® fences are so well-known and well-loved: a sturdiness against the unforgiving Queensland elements, durability and good looks coupled with an extensive range and flexible design.

At Northside Fencing, we are proud owners of a purpose-built modern factory in Burpengary that manufactures and powder coats compliant Colorbond® steel fencing on site using only the highest quality material and the latest techniques. Northside Fencing is wholly Australian, a family-owned and operated business that has been supplying all Colorbond® fencing needs to the northern suburbs of Brisbane since 1994.

We’ve actually been supplying fencing to the whole south-east corner for all that time, and we’d like to share news of our booming market in several northern suburbs of Brisbane.


Everton Park, Stafford and Stafford Heights

The established suburbs of Everton Park, Stafford and Stafford Heights offer fantastic lifestyle to families, couples, seniors and young singles alike. Good proximity to the city (around 11km) plus a median house price of $450,000 according to the Brisbane Australia Site which makes for great value for money and an enviable lifestyle.

Colourbond® steel fences are the perfect fencing choice for residents and businesses in these aspirational yet laid-back localities. The extensive choice of designs and colours means that we have a Colorbond® solution for any property in the Everton Park, Stafford and Stafford Heights areas.


Bridgeman Downs and Albany Creek

Speaking of aspirational, hello Bridgeman Downs and Albany Creek. Both relatively young areas, these near neighbours of Everton Park and Stafford feature well more than their share of large and luxurious homes on large blocks or even acreage. Split between semi-rural and residential, Bridgeman Downs and Albany Creek offer ultimate lifestyle indulgence in the most prestigious parts of semi-rural/suburban northern Brisbane.

And what better way to fence your dream home than with the renowned functionality, durability, flexibility, sturdiness and good design of a Colorbond® steel fence? Northside Fencing salutes our burgeoning number of happy Bridgeman Downs and Albany Creek customers, and invites all locals to make the short trip to our factory and warehouse to check out the range of quality, value and aesthetic Colorbond® fencing solutions for your own home.

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