Northern Suburbs ColorBond Steel Fences

Colorbond fencing by Northside Fencing is trending
July 26, 2017

Steel fencing always reflects very specific reactions from people – strength, impervious to the elements, permanent. What it seldom says is – attractiveness and aesthetic colours.
But the two reactions can go hand in hand. Brisbane Northern suburbs’ businesses and home owners are increasingly realising that steel fences don’t have be purely utilitarian. As a licensed supplier of Colorbond ® steel fences, Northside Fencing can offer over 20 distinctive colours in a wide range of designs to stylishly set off your boundary.


There are numerous advantages to choosing a Colorbond ® steel fence – they’re easy to maintain, just a hose it down every once in a while and make sure soil and debris are kept away from the base and that’s pretty much it. They’re a great privacy and security barrier – no gaps, no footholds so no home or business safety worries.

Aesthetically, they offer modern, clean, straight lines that perfectly compliment today’s architecturally designed homes and offices.

It obviously won’t succumb to termites, and it won’t burn either, which is always a consideration in our leafy Northern suburbs that are vulnerable to bushfires. Also, steel is 100% recyclable, and when your local Northside Fencing tradesman installs your fencing, we ensure minimum scrap is generated.

There are other paint coating processes out there for steel fencing, but Northside Fencing’s Colorbond ® steel fences are the ones that will outperform the competition and give you up to 30 years service in even the most dramatic of Queensland’s climate. We’ll back that up with a ten year warranty.

So if you live in Brisbane’s Northern suburbs, and are considering investing in a steel fence to give you that perfect combination of looks and functionality, why not give Northside Fencing a call on the number below and get a free, no obligation quote for our wide range of Colorbond ® steel fences.

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